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Battery Energy Storage

IPLAN energy consultants will work with state and local municipal agencies, regional utilities, and in house sustainability departments to custom design a solution to provide for the next generation of distributed energy storage, as well as provide for the positive financial analysis and return on investment necessary for today's business environment.

IPLAN Access works with Demand Energy to provide solutions that have more
than three years of operating results which validates the economic business case for our customer.  The Demand Energy Joule.System™ has demonstrated software integration with the de-regulated and emerging trans-active energy market in NYC resulting in a reduction of building demand and automation of demand response with advanced cloud based energy management software. The Demand Energy Joule.System™ simultaneously satisfies utility
initiatives and building energy needs by aligning building peak load reduction with system peak to reduce grid stress.

Battery Storage Unit with Power Distribution panel 


The Demand Energy Joule.System™ has the capability to incorporate a variety of energy resources for management and energy load optimization.

Predictive load requirement analytics and day ahead pricing enables Demand Energy Joule.System™ to optimize energy utilization.